Violence Against Women Act
FLSA Status: Non-exempt

The person in this position provides direct services to victims of domestic violence to ensure that their rights are recognized and addressed according to Kentucky’ Crime Victims Bill of Rights (KRS 421.500), and federal mandates according to the Violence Against Women Act within a trauma informed care model. Services include crisis intervention, court advocacy, immigration assistance, and referrals for residents of the shelter as well as assigned outlying counties.  The Domestic Violence Advocate is under the direction of the Assistant Director and Advocacy Services Coordinator.


  • Accompany victims to court and/or meetings with law enforcement or other criminal justice agencies
  • Educate victims about the criminal justice system, court procedures, crime victim’s compensation, immigration remedies, and their rights as a crime victim throughout
    the legal process.
  • Provide information on legal protection and collaborate with local law enforcement to enhance services
  • Assist victims in filing of emergency protective orders
  • Provide services based on a trauma informed care model
  • Provide victims with information on available services
  • Coordinate services for immigrant, refugee, and undocumented victims of domestic violence
  • Collaborate with the international community at the local, state, and national level to ensure information about services is available
  • Answer the 24-hour crisis line and provide crisis intervention and referrals
  • Complete the intake and assessment process as required
    by programs
  • Complete progress reports daily on clients
  • Establish appropriate service plan and means of implementation with each client
  • Compile and report statistical information on clients as required by funding sources
  • Assist victims in Family, District, and/or Circuit Court in designated counties
  • Work designated holidays and assigned on call schedule according to agency policy.
  • Attend all required trainings and staff meetings
  • Perform all other duties as assigned by supervisors


  • Bilingual (preferred, but not required)
  • At least 18 years of age
  • Bachelor’s degree in social work, sociology, criminal justice, psychology or other human service field or working towards degree and/or equivalent experience
  • Knowledge of dynamics of domestic violence, justice system and client centered services
  • Commitment to adhere to Member Program Service Standards of the Kentucky Coalition Against Domestic Violence
  • Commitment to complete required training for Certified Domestic Violence Advocate
  • Valid Kentucky driver’s license and proof of insurance
  • Agree to a criminal background check






FLSA Status: Non-exempt

The person in this position is responsible for assisting in all the financial record keeping. Position will begin part-time
(up to 25/week) with the opportunity for promotion to full-time Finance Administrator in 2-3 years.  Bookkeeping
system must meet the requirements of various funding sources, reflect standards as adopted by the Board of Directors,
undergo annual monitoring audits by the Kentucky Coalition Against Domestic Violence, and other funders, and be subject to
review and audit by an independent certified accountant.  The person in this position, in consultation with the Executive Director
and Finance Administrator, assists in maintaining the financial integrity of the agency, and is under supervision of the Executive Director and Finance Administrator.


  • Assist in all eBay related activities including preparing invoices, packaging, shipping, receipt, and maintain accurate
  • Maintain a complete, accurate, transparent, and timely record of all receipts and expenditures of the agency.
  • Maintain appropriate documentation and related information for each funding source to assure that all monies are spent in accordance with required guidelines and time frames
  • Prepare payment for all vendors in timely manner
  • Inform vendors of agency non-discrimination policy
  • Submit billing and documentation on a monthly basis
  • Maintain accurate records on all volunteer hours in accordance with funding sources
  • Prepare monthly, quarterly, and annual budget reports for submission to all funding sources
  • Maintain various files related to budgeting and funding
  • Assist the ED in preparing requests for funding, grant applications, and other projects related to revenues and
  • Prepare financial records for annual audit and all grant related compliance for site visits
  • Perform all duties as assigned by the Executive Director or Finance Administrator


  • Prepare and complete labor distribution spreadsheet for Finance Administrator
  • Review Personnel Activity Reports in accordance with funding requirements and coordinate any corrections needed.
  • Process payroll and maintain all required records.
  • Complete all 1099 forms each year to distribute to vendors.
  • Maintain inventory of all office supplies and contact vendors when needed.
  • Complete all grant documentation records including copies, processing payments, and filing check stubs
  • Maintain balance sheet of all cash donations and checks received.
  • Serve as the third party for the agency checks and balances system for all financials


  • At least 18 years of age
  • High School Diploma or equivalent GED
  • Bachelor’s Degree (including in progress) in accounting, office administration, or related field
  • Knowledge of computer technology, and ability to utilize accounting related computer software
  • Attend recommended trainings and continuing education
  • Commitment to Standards for State Funded Spouse Abuse Centers (905 KAR 5:040) and the KCADV Member Program
    Service Standards
  • Valid driver’s license and proof of vehicle insurance
  • Submit to a criminal background check



    Victims of Crime Act

    The Crisis Intervention Advocate is a part-time evening, night, and/or weekend position (schedule requires
    mid-afternoon/ evening shift on Monday). The Crisis Intervention Advocate is responsible for answering the 24-hour
    crisis line, providing crisis intervention, and appropriate referrals.  The person in this position is under the
    supervision of the Assistant Director and Shelter Coordinator.


    • Answer the 24-hour crisis line.
    • Provide crisis intervention, safety planning, and referral services.
    • Initiate intake process on clients entering the shelter or outreach services.
    • Assist in the orientation of new residents to the shelter.
    • Complete intakes and assessments.
    • Complete exit process, if resident exits on assigned shift.
    • Complete daily service notes for residents.
    • Compile and report statistical information on residents as required by funding sources.
    • Supervise routine evening, night and weekend activities in the Shelter.
    • Check security system at beginning of each shift to assure all doors and windows are locked and that
      security system is intact.
    • Monitor the interior of the shelter at regular intervals during each shift to assure the safety and well-being of
    • Facilitate emergency response and safety procedures with shelter residents.
    • Observe any conditions that need maintenance or repair, and leave a written message for the Assistant
    • Work on holidays according to designated shift.
    • Attend all required staff meetings and trainings.
    • Perform all other duties as assigned by Executive Director.



    • At least 18 years of age.
    • Two years college with coursework in social service related area, or five years experience in victim services.
    • Knowledge of dynamics of domestic violence, safety planning, justice system, and client-centered services.
    • Adhere to the Revised Member Program Service Standards of the Kentucky Coalition Against Domestic Violence.
    • Commitment to complete required (for fulltime) training for Certification as Domestic Violence Advocate.
    • Completion of First Aid, CPR, and Blood-borne Pathogen Training.
    • Valid Kentucky driver’s license and proof of vehicle insurance.
    • Submit to a criminal background check.

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